Causes & Projects

Please find the causes and projects we support/partner with

Senior Care & Orphanages

Kalavai Vridhaasramam (Old Age Home) – Old Age Homes for seniors who come voluntarily for various reasons and/or abandoned by their families

Health and Wellbeing

We support multiple Healthcare and wellbeing initiatives in India


Kanchi Mahaswami Vidya Mandir
Sri Kamakoti Ghatikasramam Trust
Sri Pratyaksha Charitable Trust
Tiruvanaikaval Koil Patashala
Integrated Patasalas
Kalavai Guru Parampara Veda Vidya Trust

Culture Preservation

Sri Pratyaksha Charitable Trust
Kamakshi Seva Samiti
SSSMT – Orikkai Trust

Disaster Relief

KKSF has been supporting the disaster relief efforts undertaken by Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam in the past. KKSF has supported during the tragic 2004 Tsunami relief efforts thanks to many donors. It has also been an active supporter in many other efforts like the Chennai Floods, Uttrakand Floods etc. Even in the recent past, KKSF donors have contributed to various flood relief, Corona PPE distribution efforts.