Vani Niketan Sikshan Sanasthan - VNSS

Picturesque blue-green mountains rising all around, crystal clear waters revealing pearly pebbles beneath, a quiet valley in the middle of it all, this most appealing little village Nethala is situated near the famous Uttarkashi , Uttarkhand, India. Perched atop a little hillock is the Vani Niketan Sikshan Sansthan, a much needed school in this remote hill town. The school has been in operation for over ten years now and as of last year the original funding source of the school had dried up.

Vani Niketan Sikshan Sansthan, the trust which runs the school approached KKSF with an appeal for help. KKSF has been supporting the Vani Niketan School since beginning of 2010 after much due diligence and learning how deserving these young souls were.

The school has classes from LKG to 8th Grade. The present student strength is ninety. With the adoption of the school by KKSF there has been a perceptible change in the student strength; the children are now more likely to continue studying at Vani Niketan until they complete 8th Grade unlike the earlier uncertainty that prevailed due to the financial situation of the school. With fifteen staff members both teaching and non-teaching the school has a very healthy student teacher ratio. The team of staff members are extremely committed and passionate to the cause of education. After the offer of assistance by KKSF, the staff underwent a four day training program at a Eureka model school run by AID India at Kalpakkam, Chennai in June this year. According to the Head Mistress this has brought about considerable improvement in the standard of teaching and has been hugely beneficial.

Like all major undertakings of KKSF this was also done solely based on the faith in this huge community of generous supporters. The school is presently in need of a host of infrastructure facilities and financial support for routine operations for the next academic year.

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