India Guest House

To provide free or affordable temporary accommodation to the needy guests to Indian American community in New York.

Hindus attach divinity to mother, father, guru and guests. The Hindu Religion places the community guests on a High Pedestal and offers them divine services. Christianity has a similar attitude and has establised YMCA hostels all over the world. The time is right for the Indian American community to establish India Gues Houses all over the USA.

The cost of the six bedroom new building in the vicinity of the Hindu temple, Flushing, today is very likely to be lower than the price next year. After careful study of the real estate market, one can negotiate with the builder for a fair price.
It is easier to raise money for the down payment and other initial expenses rather than overwhelm the community with the total cost. For recurring expenses, well planned fund raising campaigns and events can be organized. Designating each room or part of the house in memory of or in honor of the loved ones provides an incentive for big donations.

Donors, fundraisers and devotees can form a board of trustees to share responsibilities and a caretaker can manage the daily services. An efficient manager and an experienced home improvement engineer have been identified.

Flushing, New York is the best place to start this pilot project. There is a great demand for temporary accommodation. One can be reasonably optimistic of better than 50% occupancy. Ethnic food, India bazaar, religious and cultural events, public transportation proximity to tourist attractions and easy access to government and business institutions are the desirable considerations for the donating guests.

This is a golden opportunity for the New York Indian American community to acquire one more feather in the cap and set the tone for the entire nation. We were the first community to build a Hindu Temple in the USA and left us the first to establish an India Guest House. Let us have the conviction that service to guests is service to God.

Service to Guests is Service to God

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